Here are two waivers that I have all my clients sign.. It is to keep me safe and your pets safe

Transport, Care, and Medical Waiver:

 Services will be performed in accordance with the instructions given to Walk the Dog Services.  The client waives any claims against Walk the Dog Services unless Walk the Dog Service does not perform as agreed in the instructions.

Walk the Dog Services Will Not be responsible for the said animal if any other person or persons are caring for the pet while under the care of Walk the Dog Services.  If the said animal is left outside the home without supervision during the times Walk the Dog Services is caring for the said animal. Walk the Dog Services will not be responsible for unsupervised care. 

If the said animal needs medical attention during the agreed service times, Walk the Dog Services has the right to transport the animal to the owner’s veterinarians for medical care at the time.  Walk the Dog Services will attempt to contact the owner before the transport if time allows.  The owner will then be responsible for the medical bills that are acquired at the time of the visit to the veterinarians. 

By signing this waiver the Client understands fully all of its content:


Walk the Dog Services___________________________________________



Waiver Forms

Dangerous Behavior Waiver:

 Due to the nature of this business, dealing with animals, which could become unpredictable, Walk the Dog Services  has the right to protect him or herself if the “said” animal becomes dangerous.

Things that I do not consider dangerous:  Jumping on, Pawing at, Barking at, Snapping at,  Growling at

Dangerous is defined as  able or likely to cause harm or injury. also, not safe; dangerous. 

Walk the Dog will not hit or strike the “said” animal in any other manner than to protect himself or herself from harm or immediate danger.

I understand this above statement to be true:


Walk the Dog Services:________________________________________