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I offer Pet Sitting and In-Home Sits

Closing Dates

Walk the Dog Services will be closed September 13th-21st

Sorry for any inconvenience 

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Cat Sitting

While your away I will care for your kitties.  Don't worry about your cats needs they will be all taken care of .


Dog Sitting

I will care for your fur babies while you are away.  Leave your worries behind and enjoy your time away.


In Home Sits

If you would rather have me stay at your home and care for your pets, that's OK I can do that.

Additional Items

Holiday Charge $8.00


There will be a holiday charge while  I care for your pets on certain holidays. These are:

Christmas, New Years, 4th of July, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day

Giving Medication


There is no additional charge for any medications that need to be given to your pet.  



If I sit your dog your cat is free

Email and Text and Pictures


I can email and or text you to tell you how the sit is going. Or,  I can send a picture of your babies, just in case you miss their sweet face !

Free Consultations


Before I can take care of your babies, we have to schedule a consultation, I can get to know your  pet, and what your needs are to take care of them.  Please refer to the Waiver Page, in regards to the waivers that you need to sign.

Mileage Charge

There may be a mileage charge for some customers over my 10 mile radius.

This charge is .55 per visit over the 10 mile radius that I travel.


Upon contacting me I can look up the distance to your home and tell you if there will be a mileage charge, no surprises.


This show the openings that I may have.

No upcoming events.


Question you may have

Customers have questions, I have some answers.

1.  Will my dog tear up the house?

     Well if this is the first time you ever have left your dog alone over night, it is hard to say.  You may want to try to go out in the evening one or two times late for a couple of hours and see how they do. You also could make sure that they are comfortable and have busy toys. Also you could install video's that you can watch and see how your pet is doing.

2.  Coping With the Anxiety of Leaving a Pet

 Pet parents have  to remember that leaving a pet with a trusted sitter has the responsibility for that pet. Although you’ll be away from your dog or cat, you are still taking steps to keep your pet healthy, fed, loved, and safe.   

3.  Can I pay the bill with a credit card or PayPal?

Yes you can , I can bill you through e-mail, and that includes a pay with credit card feature.  Also I can send you a PayPal invoice with a line by line detailed services that was agreed upon.  I also can leave the invoice on the last day, and you can mail a check.

3.  The Ultimate Checklist on what to remember to leave the pet sitter.

 • Time and date of departure and arrival.

An itinerary is also helpful, so I know the best times to get in touch with you.

• Cell phone number, hotel information and room number.

• Neighbor’s info

This comes in handy if your dog decides to lock the human out and laugh.

• Friend of family member’s information

If there’s something I need and I can’t reach you, then this is the next best thing.

• Security code

• Vet info• Emergency plans

• Trash/recycling pick up days

 *Feeding and walking schedule.

• List of medications and instructions for your pet. 

*Pet store you frequent
Just in case the I need to pick something up.

*List of where leash, food, brush, etc.,are stored

• Favorite toys

• List of unfriendly dogs or people along walk route.

Accidents happen, but maybe they can be better avoided by having me  stick to walking on a particular side of the street.

• Anything off limits?
If your dog isn’t allowed on the couch, make sure your pet sitter knows. 


Q: Can my cat be visited ever other day?

A: I  feel all cats should be visited no less then once every 24 hours. This is for the health of your fur-baby. 

Q: Do you charge a Holiday fee? 

A: Yes, we do. We pet sit 365 days a year. We do charge a holiday fee of $8.00  on the following holidays:

 New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day,  Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day ,  Christmas Day

Q;  Do you board pets in your home?  

A: I do not board pets in our home. I do provide daily visits for your pets or I can stay overnight as well.

Q: How much time do you need before I book a vacation time to see my pets?

A: I would usually like a two week notice as I book-up early especially during school breaks, and summer vacation times.  That way, you can hold your spot and you won't be disappointed  when I can't fit you in.

Q: Do you close your business at certain times?

A: I usually close about 10 days in August so we can take our vacation too.  If a family function comes up that we need to attend, we close for a day or two.  I will list the closing dates on our website as soon as I know.

 Q. What kind of pets do you care for?

A:   I  have a wide range of experience with virtually every kind of creature; from dogs and cats, to hamsters and rabbits, iguanas and turtles, to fish and frogs, pigs and snakes, chickens and various birds, and even horses! 

Q: How will I know how the visits are going 

A: I leave detailed notes on each visit, also I can send email updates as well.  If you prefer, text messages that works to.

  Q:My pet needs insulin shots twice a day.  Do you do that?

A:  Yes, I can administer most medication as needed including oral (pill, liquid), and insulin injections. 

Q: Do you have to meet me and my dog before I use your service?

A: Most definitely, I book a free consultation, were I meet you and your pet.  We go over detailed information that your pet may need.  This usually lasts for about 1 hour.   Once this is done your information is stored not only in my files but in my computer program (which is safe) and also on my  phone for easy access, (password required). I store the information,  so I can  look  up the information as needed and  meet your requests when booking a job.

 10 Questions You Should Always Ask A Pet Sitter

  • Do you enjoy pet-sitting? This question is often overlooked, but so essential. ...
  • What's your experience? ...
  • Can my dog meet you first? ...
  • How often can you walk my dog? ...
  • Will there be other animals around? 
  • Can you help out with my pet's special needs? ...
  • How much time can you spend with my dog? ...
  • How would you handle an emergency?


Q: Can you care for my pet if I am delayed in my arrival time?

A: Absolutely, I can extend your care if you are expecting  delays in your arrival time.  The invoice will be adjusted.  Don't worry if you are going to be 


Q:  Can you provide a list of past clients, and references?

A: That is not a problem, I can give you names of past clients, so you can contact them for referrals.